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Pacific Kids Club | Free Kids Activities Every Tuesday

Pacific Kids Club | Free Kids Activities Every Tuesday


Pacific Kids Club presents Wild Action Kids!

Join us for fun Wild Action themed Kids Club activities every Tuesday in the Kids Mall, near Target this term between 10am – 1pm!

Show times: 10am and 12pm.

Wild Action will be performing their Australian Animal Program, introducing Pre-Schoolers to a myrid of Australian animals including: koalas, crocodiles, giant python snakes, endangered owls, eye licking lead tailed geckoes, frogs, turtles, tawny frogmouth, adorable mini-kangaroos and so much more! 

The expert team will engage the children with an action packed and dynamic show. Learn all about each aniamls adaptions, habitat, exological niche and some quirky fun facts.


Tuesday February 18: Wildlife of Wyndham! It’s a jungle out there.
Learn about the amazing diversity of animals which call the City of Wyndham home too! You’ll be amazed at what animals inhabit the grasslands, parklands, forest, creeks and streams of your local area. Learn great ideas to live alongside animals, and better ways to protect all living creatures. After all, every animal has a job to do!

Tuesday February 25: Explore the World of mini-beasts.
Discover the fascinating world of invertebrates! What is an insect? Why do we need to protect spiders? Learn about food webs, and the importance of protecting all living creatures. 

Tuesday March 3: Reptile Mania!
Basic classification for Early Years in a fun and interactive learning environment. What is a reptile? How do reptiles get most of their energy? What are the five families of lizards found in Australia? What is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator? Why don’t reptiles need to wear deodorant? Why do we need snakes? What do you do if you see a wild snake? Hands-on fun for everyone!

Tuesday March 10: Rockpool Discovery
Discover the wonderful world of Port Philip Bay…and the denizens which live there. Loads of ’splish-splashy’ fun…for everyone! Sea urchins, sea stars, baby sharks, crabs, sea horse galore! 

Tuesday March 17: Australia’s wonderful world of mammals!
Be introduced to an array of Australian mammals from different habitats and environments. What is a marsupial? What is a monotreme? What do grey headed flying foxes have in common with human beings?

Tuesday March 24: Life Cycles and Reproduction
Learn about the fascinating and varied ways Australian animals reproduce. In a fun interactive stage show… early years children will discover that the Natural World is curious beyond imagination. 


After each performance, your child will have the amazing experience of getting up close and personal with each animal!