Covering your face while visiting Pacific Werribee

Covering your face while visiting Pacific Werribee

From 23 July, in line with new mandates from the Victorian Government, you must wear a face covering at all times when visiting our Centre, unless: 

  • You are under 12 
  • You have a medical condition that prohibits the wearing of a face covering 
  • It’s not practical 
  • For professional reasons. 

To help keep our entire community safe, please be sure to bring an appropriate face covering with you the next time you visit Pacific Werribee 

We have implemented a number of measures that assist us and our community in adhering to this directive, including:  

  • All centre staff and contractors will be required to wear masks while at work, unless they have a valid reason not to.   
  • Signage that clearly reminds our community they must adhere to the government mandate and not enter the Centre without a face covering unless they are exempt.  
  • Close work with local police in monitoring our community’s adherence to this new directive, generally reminding our community of this new directive and asking those that aren’t wearing face coverings, without a valid reason, to leave the centre.  


Where you can purchase masks: 

  • Chemist Warehouse 
  • Priceline Pharmacy 
  • Quality Pharmacy